So a few weeks ago, I was flipping through my emails and I got one from an Australian indie folk band called Post Paint, hoping to see if they could maybe stop by Brandeis for a slot on the Joint. Realizing, as I’m sure we all have at this point, that some sort of break was needed from the monotony of 9-5 summer jobs and popsicles on the porch, I emailed them back a on their way to a show in Worcester, they stopped by for a night, kidnapped our tech-director, and gave us a gig and an interview. At their show in the MPR, 2012 Brandeis alum Diego Medrano opened for them performing songs from his band Swanson. I’ll provide a link to some Diego content too!

The day after the show, Post Paint took us for a spin and we did an interview, but only after sort of trashing—- making their car more magical ;) At the end of the interview they talk about their single Fox and Hound and while they didn’t have time to do an acoustic set of it for us after the interview, it was great live and you should still give it a listen on their Bandcamp at We filmed their awesome live set and while the mellow chilled lighting doesn’t translate to YouTube so well, their mellow chilled sound definitely does! You can see the footage from the show, more of Diego and some videos of the Ball-Pit car at a McDonald’s drive-through over at

lastly, the Vans’ Tickets have been won! Hopefully our winner will take some great shots at the show! We’ll keep you posted on any other WBRS giveaways and events coming up!